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Committees and Volunteering

Committees are the lifeblood of Tampa Historical Society. Volunteers serving on these various committees provide the time and energy that keeps THS going. Below you will find a brief description of the different committees that are designated in our by-laws.

If you see an area that you would like to help with or have more questions please reach out to us at Also, please note that to serve on committees you must have a Corporate, Patron or Sponsor membership level and participation requires approval from the board of directors.

  1. Sunland Tribune: This is Tampa Historical Society's annual publication. On this committee you will help with collecting articles, sell advertising, and the layout for the publication.
  2. Archivist/Historian: This committee is responsible for the gathering, cataloging and managing the historical items in our collection.
  3. Grants: This committee identifies opportunities for local, state and national grants that are available and submit applications based on approval from the board of directors. This committee helps ensure we have funding for programs and maintenance of the historic Col. Peter O. Knight Cottage in supplement from the revenues generated from membership and programming.
  4. Social Events: This committee ensures there are ample social events for members and guests to network and discuss the history that we are so passionate about. Additionally, this committee is responsible for putting on our annual dinner where the D.B. McKay award is presented.
  5. The Tampa Historical Horizons Newsletter: This is our monthly newsletter that functions like a mini-Sunland Tribune. This committee gathers information both on their own and by networking with other state historical organizations where there is overlap in focus.
  6. Publicity: Our public relations committee handles all communication to media outlets for the communication of news and events on behalf of our membership.
  7. House: This committee handles the proper preservation of the historic Col. Peter O. Knight cottage. Additionally, this committee handles coordinating volunteers for opening the house to members and the public.
  8. Mailing: This committee arranges and coordinates all digital and physical mailings to our members stakeholders.
  9. Finance: This committee is responsible for the creation of budgets and fundraising programs that ensure the payment of general expenses, projects and special needs of the Tampa Historical Society.
  10. Membership: This committee develops and executes plans for increasing the membership of Tampa Historical Society, managing our member database in accordance with instructions from the board of directors and our by-laws.
  11. Program: This committee assists in the planning and execution of educational programs and field trips. Our annual Oaklawn Ramble falls under this committee.
  12. Youth: This committee provides activities and programming for our junior members. Additionally, this committee advocates for the study of Tampa and Florida history in all levels of education.